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Spinal Decompression

woman in gray shirt holding lower backYour spine isn’t just a series of bones; it’s an organ that contains discs and soft tissues. Sometimes, you may need more than adjustments, especially if you have dehydrated tissues and discs that have become more like leather than rubber through wear and tear. At Atlas Chiropractic of Denver, we provide spinal decompression to restore degenerated discs and help you avoid surgery.

A Gentle Way Back to Health

Many patients come to us after trying medications, physical therapy, injections, and even surgery without success. During your assessment, we’ll do imaging so we can clearly measure the amount of damage between your vertebrae.

Our chiropractors will talk to you about how long you’ve been having symptoms, and whether pain radiates into your hands, arms, or legs. For severe cases, we’ll likely recommend a full program of care combining this service with adjustments and laser therapy.

How It Works

Our FDA-approved decompression table uses an algorithm to set a specific pattern of pulling and releasing the spine. These repetitive movements create a negative pressure that brings healing fluids and nutrients back into the discs and surrounding tissues.

The timeline of recovery depends on both the degree of injury and how many symptoms you’ve experienced.

We always start with a clinical diagnosis and assess whether you have muscle weakness, foot problems, nerve damage, or balance issues, so we know what we’re working with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why didn’t any doctor recommend this service earlier?

We wish we knew! We’ve seen this technique have a profound effect on disc health. As more patients see tough symptoms resolve, we hope this nonsurgical option gains more attention.

How long does this therapy take?

A typical session is 30 minutes.

How many sessions will I need?

It might take anywhere from four weeks to six months to experience relief, depending on your condition.

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Patients are amazed at the relief they experience due to this gentle and effective technique. Schedule today.


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