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Cold Laser

purple transparent We provide the most powerful and advanced laser equipment to penetrate deeper into the spine and bring healing into hard-to-reach discs. Our Class IV 30-watt laser can access problem areas deep beneath the skin, not just surface-level injuries.

Most clinics that offer laser therapy use low-level light that isn’t strong enough to work its way down into the discs. It may be tempting to buy cheap devices online designed for home care. These Class 1 models, however, only penetrate an eighth of an inch into the skin, while some spine problems are six or seven inches deep!

Power and wattage make all the difference when it comes to actually getting results, not just talking about them.

Safe, Effective, and Speedy Healing

This therapy uses the process of photobiosis, which involves sending photons, or light particles, into affected cells via red blood cells. The light then energizes the mitochondria, which serve as the powerhouse or battery of the cell.

When your discs are damaged, the body doesn’t have the energy it needs to heal at a rapid enough pace. Laser therapy speeds up the healing process by increasing your metabolic rate, decreasing inflammation, and improving circulation.

Our FDA-cleared equipment is a comfortable, noninvasive therapy that produces noticeable effects early on. It’s both our quickest and our least expensive therapy. Each appointment only takes five minutes, and many patients start feeling positive effects within two or three sessions.

Our Revolutionary Approach

Both our doctors have done post-graduate training in this technique. We know how to maximize your results through a customized plan of care for your needs.

Atlas Chiropractic of Denver was one of the pioneers in developing the transformative combination of atlas adjustments, spinal decompression, and laser therapy. We’ve seen results other practitioners haven’t, because we provide advanced care other clinics don’t.

Embrace Optimal Wellness Today

We offer better technology for better results. Schedule your visit today to get started with incredible health care.


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