Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. DiGregorio has helped members of my family eliminate chronic pain and resolve injuries when no other treatments worked. Using advanced technology, she achieves precise results that are non-invasive and extremely effective. Now she has moved to a new location, where I am confident that she will help folks in Colorado to achieve pain-free and healthy lives. Highly recommended for state-of-the-art natural health care!"

- Carol P.

Modern Care

"I easily felt comfortable under Dr. Rick' care--I like how he explained how the atlas misalignment affects the whole system. He makes everyone feel important and not just some patient."

- Cindy C.

The Best Decision I Ever Made

"I was experiencing horrible migraine headaches almost every day for about a year, with all the symptoms that go along with it, nausea, throbing pain, light sensitivity and pressure at the base of my skull. I was taking Excedrine Migraine on a daily basis with little to no relief. I didn't know much about chiropractic therapy and decided to make an appointment with Dr Rick DeGregorio for a consultation. After 4 months of regular chiropractic care and adjustments, my headaches began to be less and less frequent until one day they were gone! I no longer take any migraine medication and now have my active life back again! I cann't recommend Dr. Rick DeGregorio enough if your suffering like I was with migraine headaches."

- Pam H.

"After only three sessions, I already have relief from chronic headaches."
Stars: 5 out of 5
Rating: 10 out of 10

- Cheryl H.

"Always a pleasure and so much help! I appreciate your willingness to work with my schedule in getting me an appointment. None better!!"

- Caroleen H.

"A good experience all around with immediate positive results. The pain from a pinched nerve was less after one visit. Thank you Karen and Dr. Rick."

- Sue W.

"Very positive experience. Dr. Rick goes all out to help you find solutions to health concerns.and maintain spinal stability."

- Holly B.


- Daisy S.

"So far I have had a positive experience with AO spinal care. There is a difference from when I first began treatment.I am pleased with the results so far."

- Sonia R.

"Dr. Rick is an excellent practitioner. He listens and truly wants to help."

- Paula S.

"Love the AO protocol and Dr. Rick! He has done wonders for my Trigeminal Neuralgia. His recommendations for natural supplements have been beneficial to support the body's natural healing process. I was so pleased with Dr. Rick that I brought both my sister and my husband to him for treatment. Outstanding Atlas Orthogonal chiropractor, medical advisor and friend! Thank you, Dr. Rick...and of course, sweet Karen!"

- Mary M.

"Dr Rick has healed me in so many different areas. I call him a miracle worker to anyone who tells me they have pain. Anytime I have a specific concern he addresses it at that adjustment and it never returns. Had bad Sciata problems during pregnancy and once I told him about it he was able to make the pain go away. He's phenomenal - his office is clean and brand new - and his front desk receptionist is warm and inviting!"

- Stephanie A.

"It is always a very positive experience. Karen and Rick always make me feel like I am always a priority, even with other patients coming in and out of the office."

- Mark M.

"Dr. Rick is very friendly and professional. His adjustments last longer than those of other chiropractors I've been to."

- Ashley S.

"I have received excellent care by knowledgable professionals. The atmosphere is friendly and inviting. I have recommended the practice to others in hopes of helping them find their balance mentally and physically. Thanks Rick and Karen for all you do!!"

- Ellen G.

"A Healing experience! Happy that I found a Chiropractor who really cares about his patients."

- Paul M.

"I still was in bad shape even after having surgery to correct the problem with my neck. After months of treatment, I feel much like I did before having any neck trouble. I highly recommend Dr. Rick. He has made a noteable difference in my quality of life."

- Erik D.

"I am amazed that Dr, Rick can just look at my shoulders or how I hold my head and know exactly what needs adjusting. I know when I leave I will have a break from the discomfort in my back. I feel blessed that I have found such good people to help me manage my pain and they have truly made my life better."

- Linda D.

"A friend recommended Dr. Rick to me because I was having chronic headaches. I got relief on my very first visit. I've only had two or three headaches since that first visit five months ago, and they were mild compared to what I had before. Dr. Rick does a good job of explaining the process in a way you can understand so you always know where you are in your treatment and what to expect next. I'm able to enjoy my life much more now that I don't have debilitating headaches several times a month."

- Stephanie D.

"I have been suffering with headaches for seven years, doctor afet doctor i saw just wanted to put me on drugs to cover up the symptoms, but eventually the headaches would come back with vengeance. Not on other doctor I sawsuggestion mt neck might be the problem, but after seeing doctor Ricky DiGregorio and doing some research of my own i learned 95% of the headaches are because of neck aligment problems. At first I was skeptic if it would really work or not because I had been suffering for so long...but after Isaw him about 5-6times my headaches dramatically decreased, I only get them a few times a week if ikeep my die healthy, opposed to everyday all day long and we are talking debilitating headaches, fatigued, no energy, couldn't focus on things I needed to do or was just in to much pain. For seven years I missed out on a lot my teenage years and young adulthood. Now I have myhealth, and my knowledge. I can't wait to go out and make a life for myself and do everything I plan to, and nowI have the energy and clarity to do so. Thank you so much Doctor Rick DiGregorio you gave me my life back and I am forever grateful, I wish you nothing but good fortune. :)"

- Ericka S.

"Best Chiropractor Physician I have ever been to! He has helped me withmigraine headaches. Dr. Rick also sees my 10 year old daughter. She was having headaches and allergy issues. After on adjustment, it relieved hersymptoms. She even feels her vision has improved. I was skeptical, but after seeing how much it has help her. I will not go anywhere else for my adjustment."

- Laura K.

"I had been suffering from debilitating migraines for a few years that no amount of medicine could cure. From the moment i had my consultation with Dr. Rick DiGregorio I felt relief. He took the time to describehis practice and procedures which I greatly appreciated since it was my first time seeing a chiropractor. After my consultation he came up with a detailed treatment plan and i have never felt better! My headaches have gone away along with the terrible nausea and loss of eyesight that went along with them. From the second you walk in the door you feel welcome. Karen is great with scheduling especially with ever changing schedule.
I can't thank Dr. Rick enough for helping me rid my migraines. I feel more balance after each visit!"

- J Shupert

"A very good chiropractor, and I recommend him!"

- Jon S.

"He has been wonderful. Highly recommend - Started with sciatica in my leg and now I feel great!"

- Elizabeth J.

"Having had Atlas Orthogonal Spinal Correction for 20+ years in Atlanta, I was worried when I relocated to learn that there was no AO physician in Mt. Pleasant. Then one day, a big banner above a chiropractic office in Mt. Pleasant announced the arrival of AO specialist, Dr. Rick DiGregorio! What a relief, figuratively and literally! If you have ever been to a traditional chiropractor and experienced those kinds of adjustments, than you will be pleasantly surprised to find that Atlas Orthogonal Spinal Correction is painless, but the results provide the relief you would hope for. I would highly recommend Dr. Ricky to any and all who suffer pain or stress or a host of other complaints. I suggest you do a little research about the benefits of Atlas Orthogonal adjustment and then make an appointment with Dr. Ricky."

- Pat A.

"Beside the benefits I was expecting, such as making my neck looser and having more flexibility. I was very happy to notice that the arthritic pain in my finger and toes have completely disappeared. This treatment has reached out to so much more of my body."

- Janis

"His methods have offered relief where other chiropractic or MD efforts have fallen short."

- Bob H.

"Dr. Rick is great. His knowledge is second to none and the way he explains everything is great. I would recommend Dr. Rick to anyone

- Justin


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